Filing Taxes on Binance

ZenLedger integrates directly with Binance providing easy and seamless crypto tax filing experience


How to connect your Binance account to ZenLedger

  • Log into your Binance Account:
  • Go to the API box, 3rd one on the left, click “ENABLE”. If you do not have 2FA (2 factor authentication) enabled using Text Authentication or Google Authentication, you will have to do that first.
  • Create a label the new API key. “ZenLedger READ ONLY” is a good suggestion, but it can be anything you like. Click “Create new key”
  • Enter your 2FA to create the new key. Go to your email and confirm with Binance that you are creating a new API key.
  • Now edit the API by clicking EDIT in the top right.
  • Uncheck the box under Option: for Enable Trading.
  • Now enter the API Key and Secret Key into ZenLedger.
  • This is a secure link and ZenLedger only has READ ONLY access to your trade information on Binance.