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All You Need to Know about Crypto Taxes

Last year has seen some major changes in cryptocurrency taxation. From informational letters sent by the IRS to crypto investors to the new IRS regulation, and The Virtual Currency Tax Fairness Act of 2020 just introduced in Congress, there are a lot of new things to take into account while submitting your crypto taxes.

Watch this  recorded webinar with Andrew Gordon, JD/CPA, President of Gordon Law Group, Ltd, to catch up with all new regulations and get ready for the tax season 2020.

Tax-Loss Harvesting: How to Save on Your Crypto Taxes

The crypto markets had a volatile 2019, and that might mean you probably lost money on your cryptocurrencies. But don’t be desperate – we have some good news for you. There is a smart tax strategy called tax-loss harvesting that will help you reduce investment losses. Since crypto is treated as “property” under IRS rules, that means the same capital gains rules apply. So if you had losses from your crypto investments in 2019, make sure to watch this  recorded webinar with Andrew Gordon, JD/CPA, President of Gordon Law Group, Ltd, to learn how to turn your losses into savings.

Tax-Loss-Harvesting Webinar

Paying Taxes on NFTs

With the IRS enforcing control on cryptocurrency taxes, there were a lot of  discussions around this topic lately. At the same time, very little (if any) has been said about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and their tax status. NFTs represent a special type of cryptographic token that is unique and can’t be replaced with another unit, vs cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins that are fungible in nature. Watch this recorded webinar to learn more about NFTs, how they are different from other digital currencies, and how to pay taxes on them.

NFTs Webinar

The New IRS Guidance on Crypto Taxes

On October 9, 2019 the IRS published its first guidance about crypto taxes since 2014. With already a lot of uncertainty with the IRS policy around crypto, we decided to ask Andrew Gordon, JD/CPA, President of Gordon Law Group, Ltd, an expert in cryptocurrency taxation and legal structures, to answer questions of our clients about this new guidance. Watch this recorded webinar to find out what the new IRS guidance means for you.

How to trade crypto safely and save on your taxes?

Cryptocurrencies have become a popular asset class for active traders. By establishing rules for buying and selling, trading systems enable traders to achieve consistent results by removing emotion from the process. At the same time, automated trading systems can generate hundreds or thousands of trades each month. Watch this recorded webinar to learn how to automate your crypto trading, trade crypto safely and more efficiently, automate your crypto taxes and save on taxes.