ZenLedger Competitive Analysis

Wondering which crypto tax software is right for you? We’ve reviewed the features and price points based on a customer with around 100 transactions.

Feature Comparison Table

Feature ZenLedger TokenTax Cointracking.info CoinTracker.io
Detailed Audit Package
Tax Loss-Harvesting tool for all customers
FIFO, LIFO and HIFO Accounting
Less than 3 min chat support response time during business hours
EOS ICO Support
All major exchanges supported
Number of wallets supported all all 8 18
Completed IRS Form 8949
Completed IRS Form Schedule D
Completed IRS Form FBAR (FinCen) $50 add-on
TurboTax Integration
All features & support for all pricing tiers

Basic Package

If you’re the average crypto investor looking for a simple, quick way to get your taxes done,
which basic package will have you covered?


Let’s take Neo as an example.


Neo is starting his crypto investments. In his 2018 tax year, he made:

Total of 300

Traded on Coinbase,
Binance and Bitmex

Owns Bitcoin, Ethereum,
Litecoin and Ripple

Owns a Ledger Nano S wallet,
a Trezor 1 wallet and an Exodus desktop wallet.

Had a total of $24,000 USD
worth of cryptocurrency

Bought pre-ICO EOS
(ERC20) coins

Let’s see what Neo’s situation would cost him accross the providers!

Neo’s Situation ZenLedger TokenTax Cointracking.info Cointracker.io
300 transactions $149 tier $499 tier $84 tier $149 tier
Over $10K in a foreign exchange, triggering FBAR form requirement $149 tier $499 tier $84 tier No trigger
API Upload $149 tier $499 tier $84 tier $149 tier
TurboTax Export All tiers All tiers All tiers All tiers
On-demand support chat & call All tiers All tiers 134 tier All tiers
EOS ICO Support $149 tier All tiers Not supported All tiers
Cost to Neo for all features needed for tax compliance $149 $499 Unavailable $149 (doesn’t include Foreign Exchange support)

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