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Help your clients prepare and file taxes on cryptocurrency investments.

Build a new revenue source!

Manage multiple clients. Tons of Automation. Save time and reduce stress.

Auto prepare Form 8949, Schedule D and FBAR.

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ZenLedger Overview

Bring on more clients and create recurring revenue so you can run your returns filing service efficiently and profitably.

Zenledger makes it easy for your accounting practice to create capital gains/income tax forms for your clients. The cloud-based platform automates the process, freeing up time for you to grow your practice. Explore a new asset class and client base.

Why Support Crypto?

Millions of US citizens already own cryptocurrency.
And they need your help.


Create a new Revenue Stream


Support existing customers with crypto investments


Increase your efficacy and authority

Why Use ZenLedger?

We offer the most Accounting
Transparency & Tax Pro friendly features


Collect all client data in one place: Bring order to the chaos


Completely automated calculations


Use with as many clients as you like. No subscription fees


Audit Report: See exactly how we calculated your taxes


Customize or edit anything you need before completing tax forms


Completed IRS forms:

all you need is a client signature

The Old Way and the New Way

  • Try to look up prices of coins yourself for thousands of trades
  • Track cost basis by hand
  • Other software services are a black
    box with no transparency
  • No support or customer service
  • Automate it all: price lookup, cost basis tracking, IRS form fills
  • Single tool for all your clients: No subscription fees
  • Update or edit data as many times as you need before printing forms
  • Full accounting transparency in audit report with drill down functionality
  • Prompt customer support by phone, chat or email


Client Management

Earn More Revenue

Expand your practice by bringing on new clients that might be very different from your existing client base. Learn about a new cutting edge asset class. Earn more revenue but save time with ZenLedger’s automation tools.
Creates Schedule D and 8949 for you. Tells you peak assets for FinCen 114 FBAR and FACTA.

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Import Menu

Fast and Easy

Easily import client transaction data via CSV or API. Get prompted to mark any transactions as ICOs or lost/stolen tokens before calculations are run. Everything is automated, but you also have the ability to see each line item and control how ZenLedger consumes your client’s data. We also export to Turbo Tax.

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Grand Unified Accounting

Automation and Transparency

Unparalleled transparency. No other software provider will give you a full audit packet that walks you through every buy, sell, trade and self transfer. This audit report gives you 100% control and confidence when filing on behalf your clients.

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